3D Printing Design services


$10 dollars an hour and free shipping and no OVERHEAD costs. Let’s face it; 3D printing is not an exact science, (not just yet).  You have to buy a printer, build it, set it up, and then test out your settings to make sure your print did not fail.  There are a lot of steps to get to the finished product if you are not familiar with the process.

This is where MCD can come in and help out.  We at MCD have tuned our printing settings to give you the best a printer can offer.  Being designers ourselves, we have gone through all the steps of what it takes to create a model and bring it to the final print table.

All you have to do is give us an idea, take a picture with your cell phone, or show us something close to it on the web.  Then we can do the rest.  We will create a free mock up design for your approval then quote you a price.  If you accept the price then we will make sure you have the printed item you requested.  If there are some changes you want to make to the final print, we will work with you.  

You can email us or message us to tell us about your printed idea.  This can work for quadcopters or really anything you want or need printed.  We will include in the quote the price of the filament and how long it took to print out.  We want only your satisfaction on our services.

Our maximum print area is 200m x 200mm x 180mm.  Anything over this would have to be printed in parts that you assemble or pieces.

Use the contact page to get started on your custom print. Contact Us

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