Radio Control Transmitter Tray FPV

MCD's © Radio Control transmitter tray accepts any transmitter radio with its unique designed copyrighted holder.  When our team created this tray for the taranis radio, we discovered by the use of our programs, a different way to hold down the  transmitter radio. Using this knowledge, we were able to design our tray to fit any radio with a handle on the back of it.  Our particular radio had a plug in module in the back of the radio.   Most trays we found online do not allow for this clearance.  We discovered that you do not need a special made tray for each type of radio or hold down.  Ours is universal and should be able to fit any similar radio with or without a module.  By not using a clip or hold down you are able to lift your radio out of the tray at the end of your flight.

MCD © uses a special type of base unit that attaches to the bottom of the tray, so we can offer you various attachments shown below.

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