Torpedo Drone Quadcopter Frames

Torpedo Drone Quadcopter frames are designed to fly. The laminated material carbon fiber substitute is strong and light. Using a 3D printer gives us at MCD © the ability to create some very unusual and unique flying craft. 3D Printing out our parts offers you different colors that you can mix or match. Our line of drones uses our own special made type of down draft tubes that can be used for landing gear or wired for led lighting. When you can buy the 4 inch wood arm you will get a 430 mm class ship. Buy the 8 inch wood arm and you can have a flag ship that can handle 16 inch propellers. We take great pride in making sure our products "work" before we list them or advertise them.  "Fly something different" is our motto. Take one of our frames for a spin and you will see why we say this.

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